Tragedy: Rising Together

To be human means to be mortal. It is an intimate truth of our existence that we can sometimes forget. When life is going especially well, we can even begin to feel immortal. We can treat mortality as knowledge about ourselves that is removed from our daily reality. A fact about ourselves that we objectify… Continue reading Tragedy: Rising Together


How I Ended Up In Grad School

If I had to pick a slogan to best describe my attitude throughout college, it would be, “Just get it over with.” Every day at school used to be like a day at the DMV – slow and painful. So how did I go from "miserable DMV customer" student, straight into a master’s program? Some… Continue reading How I Ended Up In Grad School

Packing Light: World Youth Day

Packing light when traveling can be a bit of a struggle. It is interesting how quickly the desire to be prepared can turn into the need for security instead. How the intention to pack essentials turns into the struggle of trying to define what the “essentials” are. In the act of packing our belongings, we… Continue reading Packing Light: World Youth Day