Do You Remember Love?

Do you remember the first time you told someone you love them? Not the first time you loved someone, but the first time you let those words actually roll off your tongue and be known to another. Do you remember? I do not. I know that it was not to family, but to my first… Continue reading Do You Remember Love?


Tragedy: Rising Together

To be human means to be mortal. It is an intimate truth of our existence that we can sometimes forget. When life is going especially well, we can even begin to feel immortal. We can treat mortality as knowledge about ourselves that is removed from our daily reality. A fact about ourselves that we objectify… Continue reading Tragedy: Rising Together

Why Do We Have Soul Mates?

​I've had many soul mates throughout my life. Individuals that I had such intricate and marvelous relationships with that they proved unexplainable. I feel as though finding the words to describe them, and to try and capture what we have shared will be a lifelong journey. Now, most of you are probably thinking I have… Continue reading Why Do We Have Soul Mates?

Surprises Are My Bestfriends

Surprises: They can be startling or amusing, and worthy of tears or laughter. The thing about surprises is that they are dependent on catching someone unaware. It is not a surprise if someone sees it coming, right? I am not good with surprises. Why? I almost always see them coming. Some might describe this as being perceptive, others as having trust issues. Honestly, it is probably both.