What is Forgiveness?

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading (Mt. 18:21-35 NAB Revised), there is talk about forgiveness. In particular, at the very beginning of the reading we find Peter asking Jesus how often one should forgive, to which Jesus replies, “...not seven but seventy-seven times” (Mt. 18:22). In other words, that we should forgive completely and perfectly. This… Continue reading What is Forgiveness?


How I Ended Up In Grad School

If I had to pick a slogan to best describe my attitude throughout college, it would be, “Just get it over with.” Every day at school used to be like a day at the DMV – slow and painful. So how did I go from "miserable DMV customer" student, straight into a master’s program? Some… Continue reading How I Ended Up In Grad School

Why Do We Have Soul Mates?

​I've had many soul mates throughout my life. Individuals that I had such intricate and marvelous relationships with that they proved unexplainable. I feel as though finding the words to describe them, and to try and capture what we have shared will be a lifelong journey. Now, most of you are probably thinking I have… Continue reading Why Do We Have Soul Mates?