Thank You

  Blogging has been something I have always felt called to do, but was afraid to do for years. Candid Candor was my first timid step into the public blog-o-sphere, and amidst the challenge of churning out weekly material with my busy schedule, I enjoyed every moment of it. The schedule of a full-time graduate… Continue reading Thank You


Tragedy: Rising Together

To be human means to be mortal. It is an intimate truth of our existence that we can sometimes forget. When life is going especially well, we can even begin to feel immortal. We can treat mortality as knowledge about ourselves that is removed from our daily reality. A fact about ourselves that we objectify… Continue reading Tragedy: Rising Together

What is Forgiveness?

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading (Mt. 18:21-35 NAB Revised), there is talk about forgiveness. In particular, at the very beginning of the reading we find Peter asking Jesus how often one should forgive, to which Jesus replies, “...not seven but seventy-seven times” (Mt. 18:22). In other words, that we should forgive completely and perfectly. This… Continue reading What is Forgiveness?

How I Ended Up In Grad School

If I had to pick a slogan to best describe my attitude throughout college, it would be, “Just get it over with.” Every day at school used to be like a day at the DMV – slow and painful. So how did I go from "miserable DMV customer" student, straight into a master’s program? Some… Continue reading How I Ended Up In Grad School