Finding Myself On Deadline Island

For some it may be a bad knee that acts up, sinuses that drive them nuts, or tension headaches that spring up in moments of extreme stress. For me, stress manifests in my body in several ways, but the main way is through my stomach and digestive system. Often, when I’m lacking sleep or handling… Continue reading Finding Myself On Deadline Island


What Journaling Has Done For Me

Journaling used to be the most difficult thing for me. I had always wanted to journal, but every attempt to start would end in writing that was generic and guarded. If it was a bad day I wouldn’t even write. I’d leave the page as barren as when I had turned to it. The sight… Continue reading What Journaling Has Done For Me

What is Forgiveness?

In this Sunday’s Gospel reading (Mt. 18:21-35 NAB Revised), there is talk about forgiveness. In particular, at the very beginning of the reading we find Peter asking Jesus how often one should forgive, to which Jesus replies, “...not seven but seventy-seven times” (Mt. 18:22). In other words, that we should forgive completely and perfectly. This… Continue reading What is Forgiveness?

How I Ended Up In Grad School

If I had to pick a slogan to best describe my attitude throughout college, it would be, “Just get it over with.” Every day at school used to be like a day at the DMV – slow and painful. So how did I go from "miserable DMV customer" student, straight into a master’s program? Some… Continue reading How I Ended Up In Grad School