Why Do We Have Soul Mates?

​I’ve had many soul mates throughout my life. Individuals that I had such intricate and marvelous relationships with that they proved unexplainable. I feel as though finding the words to describe them, and to try and capture what we have shared will be a lifelong journey.


Now, most of you are probably thinking I have dated many people who have been my soul mates. Well, that is not quite the case.

When I talk about soul mates I am not necessarily talking about romantic ones. I am referring to people who I have had an unexplainable and deep connection to. People who have changed my life for the good.

Soulmates for me, have been less romantic and far more often platonic. Yet, the love that I had for them was so strong that there are times I had to question my own knowledge of love.

There have been moments when I wondered if a friendship was actually romantic because of how strongly I felt love for the other. On each occasion I would give myself time, and almost always I would learn that what I thought might be romance was in actuality a deep bond of friendship.

This deep bond would in turn, help my heart to grow big enough to comprehend it. My heart would stretch to be able to see the love of my friend, and my love for my friend, for what it was. My heart would stretch until I realized that feeling strongly for someone did not always have to mean a  romantic relationship.

It is not to say that I do not think friends can become lovers. What I learned was that the heart had a bigger capacity than I had thought, This meant that I could love some friends as deeply as I could a significant other, but in a different way.

Whether platonic or romantic, It is through my relationship with each soulmate that I arrived at my understanding of love today; however, this understanding is always changing. It is shaped by each and every person that I encounter in my life, but shaped in a particularly intense way by my soul mates. So why do we have soul mates?


Well, we were made to know God’s love, yet God’s love is almost incomprehensible. It is immanent yet transcendent, and I think this is why we need a variety of experiences throughout our lives to come to know His love.

Think of His love as jewel. A beautifully cut jewel has many facets to it, and each one brings a new perspective or experience to the one viewing the jewel. The light will glisten and shimmer in different ways as the light goes through the jewel. God’s love is the most beautiful jewel we have ever been gifted with, and we spend our lives learning all the different sides and facets of this jewel. His love is a jewel we will never fully comprehend until the moment we reach heaven.

Still, in order to get to know God and His love we try to learn each facet and angle, and this is where our experiences and soul mates come in.

I believe we have soul mates because they show us parts of God’s love that are beyond our understanding or imagination. They push our hearts to stretch in order to prepare us for our next encounter with His love.

I cannot quite explain how I identify a soul mate, but there is something peculiar I have noticed when I look back on my time with them: I miss them peacefully.

In other words, I reminisce and think back to the times we shared, but I do not yearn for them in an unhealthy way. Remembering them leaves me at peace. It is the most peaceful way I have missed anyone in my life.


Between the Trees


What does the term “soul mate” mean to you? Do you think you’ve ever met your soul mate(s)? Leave your thoughts and answers in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Why Do We Have Soul Mates?”

  1. Soul mate. Someone who shares a piece of your soul. That someone who keeps your soul alive. Like a roommate who never leaves you and brings joy and laughter. In romantic terms, soul mate may mean your other half. But i think anyone is called to be a soul mate 🙂

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