The Power of Words

The past few weeks have been full of positive energy. I began my last Fall semester in the MA in Pastoral Theology program, started working as a Graduate Assistant at a university, and had my first meeting with my new Youth Ministry Core Team for the 2017-2018 year. Better yet, one of the most exciting… Continue reading The Power of Words


Packing Light: World Youth Day

Packing light when traveling can be a bit of a struggle. It is interesting how quickly the desire to be prepared can turn into the need for security instead. How the intention to pack essentials turns into the struggle of trying to define what the “essentials” are. In the act of packing our belongings, we… Continue reading Packing Light: World Youth Day

Why Do We Have Soul Mates?

​I've had many soul mates throughout my life. Individuals that I had such intricate and marvelous relationships with that they proved unexplainable. I feel as though finding the words to describe them, and to try and capture what we have shared will be a lifelong journey. Now, most of you are probably thinking I have… Continue reading Why Do We Have Soul Mates?